New Coffee Line Up for Our Dover Cafe.

So wow.  Those were great coffees we offered for our opening month in February. We are excited we got so many of you to participate in flights of coffee as well.

For our batch brew we are going with a coffee from one of my favorite farms in Costa Rica in West Valley- Aguileras Brothers.  There are actually a total of 12 Aguileras both brothers and sisters and they all work at harvesting, processing and milling. The coffee is a washed coffee and rather than tumble dry it, they let the washed coffees dry right on the drying patios.  Most of their coffee is of the Villa Sarchi variety. (Bourbon mutation) 

Tatsing notes : Lots of citric acid in the soil in Costa Rica so you can expect this coffee to have a lot of lime notes. It is tangy, sugary and near to key lime pie! 

 Now get ready for Coffee Processing 101! At Flight Coffee Co we sure do spend a lot of time talking about processing but it impacts the cup in a big, big way so in a coffee husk, here is what it all means…processing encompasses every step that is done at origin from hand picking the cherries at harvest time to when it when it is dried milled and readied for shipment. The seed from the coffee cherry must be removed from the fruit that surrounds it. Three common methods are commonly used: washed, semi-washed and natural. And all three processes will be featured on our pour over bar!  

Pour Overs are getting a slight switch around. The most popular pour over method at the cafe has been the Hario V-60. It happens to be my personal favorite as well!  The filter of the V-60 is very thin allowing a lot of those volatile aromatics to pass into the cup.  

We are going way out of the park here by offering you a dry processed/natural coffee from Ethiopia. Dry processed means the coffee seed (bean) was dried inside the fruit.  This can either go really well or horribly bad!  Our lot from Ethiopia is extremely clean and very fruited. Lots of blueberry in this cup. Blueberry bomb!

Our Ethiopia Dry Processed Archia comes from the Yirhacheffe region. The Archia was prepared to Grade 1 which means removing over ripe and under ripe cherries and that extra work improves the cup quality. 

We are featuring a new brew method at the pour over bar this month.  Get ready for the Aeropress! Brought to you by the manufactures of Frisbee! (No really- it is true!) This amazing plastic brewer offers viscosity (body) and intense flavor notes  

We are offering our washed Ethiopia Adado which just received 94 points on coffee review.  It is a carry over from last month. It is so floral and we are confident it will sing via aeropress!  

The French press was accessible to a lot of you last month so we have decided to keep using it. We will be offering a wet hulled coffee from Sumatra. Coffees that are wet hulled spend a lot of time drying on the ground, so you get these intense forest floor, pine needle notes in them. This coffee is from the Lintong region, the farm is Opang James. The cool thing about this coffee is that you get lots of earthiness, f orest floor and some interesting pineapple in it. 

Single Origin Espresso and our Specialty Spro drink of the month will be announced shortly .  For our specialty drink all of our baristas compete with one another for the spotlight.  The month of March went to Sparkles. More details to come on this unique and yummy drink  

Thanks so much to my staff and all of our customers. We love brewing for you!  Watch for a weekly tasting in the community room this month too. Since we are offering 3 coffees with 3 different processing, it will be fun to taste and learn about how much processing can impact the cup! 



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