Specialty Coffee in New Hampshire

You see, folks, after the passengers board the coffee plane and the flight crew prepares for lift off, there tends to be a fair amount of excitement regarding the destination. Where will the coffee plane go today? A coffee-consuming mecca like Seattle, San Francisco, or Manhattan, perhaps? A coffee farm in a remote locale, an Ethiopia, Costa Rica, or Brazil?

Coffee travels all over the world. There’s hardly a country on Earth that doesn’t import or export coffee on a massive scale. The list of places associated with coffee grows ever longer. Long consumed heavily in Japan, coffee is exploding as a cultural beverage in China and South Korea, to such an extent that agriculture throughout Southeast Asia is changing rapidly to accommodate the growing demand.

New York is becoming the next Seattle in terms of casual association with coffee and evolution of the business and culture of coffee. Most coffee retailers, upon reaching a certain size, open an outpost in New York. Stumptown of Portland, Blue Bottle of San Francisco, Intelligentsia of Chicago, all have gone to New York to make it big. Meanwhile, obscure places all across the country are getting on the coffee map. St. Louis, Omaha, Grand Rapids, the other Portland, and Olympia to name but a few, are all places that are on the next level of coffee culture.

But like, so where’s New Hampshire?

Our humble state of 1.3 million contains Manchester, which was listed as the second-most coffee-obsessed city in the country. And we hover just north of the location of the Boston Tea Party, which famously galvanized Americans' interest in drinking coffee as a patriotic, anti-England gesture. And you really can’t drive down the street around these parts without passing at least one Dunkin Donuts, which is known to serve beverages that resemble coffee.

But what about the coffee map? What about people in California talking about the coffee scene in New Hampshire? Why don’t Kenyan farmers think of Granite Staters when they think of people who drink their coffee?

The problem, friends, is that nobody is putting New Hampshire on the coffee map. And as you may have guessed, that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Flight Coffee Co. We want to raise the coffee bar so high that in ten years people will talk about coffee in New Hampshire like they talk about coffee in Seattle.

Let’s get to it, people! We have a roasting plant and tasting room in Bedford, and we’re opening a café in Dover. In addition, we supply beans to D Squared Java in Exeter, Freedom Café in Durham, and Apotheca in Goffstown. You can also spot our coffee at The Beer Store in Nashua and at Squam Lake in Holderness, to name but a few!

So as the coffee plane circles our state looking for a place to land and unload its eager passengers, please know that your flight crew is hard at work creating a suitable landing strip. We’re not sure the metaphor quite makes sense here, so we’re off to brew another cup of coffee to invigorate our thoughts. Until next time!

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