3 New Coffees to Get Excited About...

We always get very excited when green coffee shows up at our back door!  Our first job to create a few good roast profiles we think will work based on some simple facts- region, cultivar and innate aromatics we want to fine tune. Our primary job at Flight Coffee Co is to highlight and capture the character of our carefully chosen green coffee. We seek to lovingly create a consistent and gentle roast cycle, accentuating what makes a particular varietal or farm exciting. Every minute the coffee is roasting is contingent upon the minute before. It is like a great sonnet or symphony and as passionate we are about the roasting cycle’s never-ending prequel, at the end of the day, we want the roast to become transparent.  We have done our job well if after each sip of our coffee, all that is revealed is the coffee’s uniquely crafted celebrated cup profile.

So let's talk about what is new and available in our online store!


Coffees from Costa Rica are a lot like cute kittens. At the end of the day they are always going to be crowd pleasers.  A cool aspect about coffees from Costa Rica is that often you can taste a clear palate cleansing lime or lemon sensation.  This is due to "taste of place" or if you will, "terroir".  There is a lot of citric acid in the soil in Costa Rica and this definitely gets conveyed in the cup!

Finca Jose (Finca = Farm) is on a coffee road less traveled.  Most of coffee geeks have heard of the more famous regions like Tarrazu or the Valley Region.  This coffee is grown in the lesser known region of La Piedra de Rivas. It is a family run farm and it has been for generations.

So what to look for in the cup?  Lots of pleasing fruit notes that sparkle some.  Grape and candied citrus notes dominate.


When you hear Sumatra your mind and taste buds should conjure up earth and forest.  This is due to the unique processing method used in Sumatra.  Wet hulled coffees -localy called Giling Basah- will have more body and often more of the “character” that makes Indonesians so appealing and slightly funky. In this process, the parchment (the green seed with the parchment shell still attached) is very marginally dried, then stripped of the outer layer, revealing a white-colored, swollen green bean. Then the drying is completed on the patio (or in some cases, on the dirt), and the seed quickly turns to a dark green color.  

Rustic and earthy the semi washed/wet hulled method compliments many of the unique characteristics of the prized coffees of Asia and the Pacific. Wet hulled coffees tend to be the single malt whiskies of the coffee world- often peaty and earthy with chocolate aromatic notes.

So what to look for in the cup?  Well seeing as how it is from the Lintong region you should expect tautest a lot of herbs and some forest floor notes.  It is a rustic cup laced with some tropical fruit notes.  Quite enjoyable and quite unique.  


This new coffee will make for our 2nd El Salvador offering since we have been open.  El Salvador usually offers up the varietal bourbon.  The bourbon varietal offers up a classic clean cup of coffee.  The fun aspect of this coffee is that it seems to offer up a lot of caramel and praline in the cup.  We were also able to draw out quite a bit of vanilla.  Vanilla in a coffee intensifies aromatics and adds to the body.  The farm was founded in the late 1800's by Fidelia Lima and has been passed down to generations ever since.

So what to look for in the cup?  Ever have a caramel Bulls Eye Candy?  Caramel around a creamy center.  Yeah.  We thought of that when we had it up on the cupping table.

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