Abbondanza & Community


Abbondanza is a word which pretty much defines most meal times of my youth.  I grew up in a time when the nuclear family AND the entire freakin extended family all lived within easy proximity to one another.  I grew European Italian.  Abbondanza was often said with celebration and vigor before each meal.  Abbondanza- loosely translated- means "abundance" and in my family's case it meant an abundance of food, which of course somehow meant an abundance of love as well.

So you know what I am super proud of in our cafe space in Dover?  The community room.  We are going to have huge farmer's tables that our employee Sam Delay has made out of reclaimed wood.  The room is a way of bringing groups together- high school groups, hikers, mom's groups, book clubs and so on.  We will even special reserve that room for larger parties.  We hope you come with loved ones to visit!  We are going to offer family style platters.  Big loaves of rustic bread, antipasto, caprese salads and so on, all made with local love and ingredients.

We also hope to have a weekly open mic and game night.  Dover's own Theatre Unmasked is even thinking about have plays and productions in the room.  And yes, there will be full access to our amazing coffees and espresso drinks.  We wish Dover a celebrated abbodanza when our doors open in October.  Keep checking our Facebook page for updates!  And please, reach out and give us suggestions as to how we can best serve the community.  We are so excited and are proud to be part of Dover's wonderful community!



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