Meet the Flight Crew:

Claudia Barrett – Founder, Q Grader, SCAA Certified Instructor

A self proclaimed coffee and baseball geek, Claudia lives in Bedford, NH with her husband Jim, and, two children. A native New Englander, Claudia rode out the coffee wave in the 1990′s in Washington DC where she managed and helped launch a national coffee chain on the East Coast, as well as, managed coffee quality and customer happiness for a local favorite coffee roastery. Her roasting apprenticeship was done at a small whole sale company called “The Daily Roast”.  In April of 2013 she became a  Licensed Q Grader.  Licensed Q Graders are professional cuppers accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute.  Q Graders must pass a rigorous three-day exam to earn their certification, comprising of 22 sections on coffee related subjects, such as green grading, roast identification, coffee cupping, sensory skills and sensory triangulation. There are currently only 2,500 Licensed Q Graders worldwide; roughly only 300 in the United States.

Claudia holds her degree in English from William Smith College. She believes her liberal arts education was the greatest gift toward her personal growth. An avid hiker and supporter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Claudia is working on red lining the White Mountains.  The last fact you might need to know is, three rescue dogs round out her pack.

Sam Delay – Director of Cafe Operations, SCAA Certified Barista and Instructor

Sam has lived in New Hampshire all of his life. Coffee was always a fascination for him, but he didn’t stumble upon specialty coffee until he was 18 years old. He began working in the industry and received extensive training through the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Along the way, he met his beautiful wife Alyssa and together had a beautiful baby girl named Evelyn. In his free time, Sam enjoys dabbling in art, woodworking, and music. He and his little family love traveling and exploring new places.

Katelynn Castiglione– Roasting Lab Manager

Katelynn was born and raised in New Hampshire. Her passion for coffee was ignited in 2014 when she traveled across the country sampling coffees from all the top roasters; from Stumptown to Intelligentsia and everything in between. She has a degree in Business from Southern New Hampshire University. When she isn't drinking awesome coffee, you can find her at a music festival, traveling somewhere new or keeping our Instagram feed hip. 

Miranda Vaccaro- Doing great things in Africa

Miranda hails from Buffalo, NY, although she is a true New Englander at heart. Having worked in different coffee shops since high school, she has a genuine addiction/passion for all things coffee. She moved to New Hampshire with her husband Dan in 2013 and loves to explore new places with him. She graduated with a degree in Sociology from Grove City College, but her passion led her to working with coffee in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and now New Hampshire. She loves coffee (obviously), fluffy dogs, and has such a great sense of direction that she is impossible to get lost, according to her husband.


James N. Barrett III

Bean Counter, CEO, and tea drinker of all things…

Jim holds several degrees in all sorts of stuff but we rely on his Accounting degree and his MBA the most.  Jim traveled extensively in far away coffee lands, fighting evil monkeys with his whip until one day he realized how much fun it would be to get tasked non stop about accounting issues and roaster repair.  Claudia is thinking about nominating him for Most Supportive Husband EVER but then she falls on the ground laughing


Rio Andrew M Purba

Lead Graphic Designer

Our talented graphic designer actually hails from Sumatra.  (Yeah we love that part too).  He now lives in Australia and owns his own successful business, Rio Design (  Rio Design is not only the First Leading Professional Graphic Design Source in Medan-Indonesia, but also in the international marketplace.  We are forever grateful to Andrew for our logo design and label design.  He is a very talented, brilliant designer and he will work hard to create happiness and glee for all of his customers.



Senior roasting plant dog in charge of all things olfactory and also works as Chief of Security protecting us from his number one nemesis, the UPS man.  Grover loves long walks on the beach and as boss as he is with all the other dogs he is very much afraid of the evil coffee grinder.  But that’s ok.  He brings a whole lot of cuteness into the roasting plant.  That Grover?  Total keeper.


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