Daterra Cupping

Had a lot of fun cupping with the boys from Coffee Solutions. (nice winter beard Rob!) We had 6 different blends from Daterra Farm up on the table. The cups were notably clean (don't always get that in a Brazil) and one blend really rocked my world. I secured a bag of the Monte Cristo. I scored it a 91.5- amazing dry processed coffee- fruity fragrance and savory aroma- and amazing fruit flavors. If the cereal Fruity Pebbles were on the coffee tasting flavor wheel then this would be a direct bulls eye. Truly spectacular. And for you espresso lovers out there- got a limited amount of the chocolate bomb on the table- I cupped it 83 but later had it as espresso and it really is delicious! Sweet Blue in next week; Monte Cristo in late February.


Other notes:  A lot of the other coffees scored around 80.  My least favorite coffee on the table was probably the Sunrise.  Interesting in the aromatics but the structure fell apart for me- especially as the coffee cooled.  It also presented with a slightly off putting aftertaste.

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