And we just got the retro coffee cup OPEN sign too...

Dearest customers,

As a group we have made the decision to operate with the doors locked.  If you place an order online and chose local pick up in Bedford, we have a temporary SOP in place. When you arrive to the lab, please call 836-6228 and stay in your car.  We will walk the order out to your car.

For the time being, if you are looking to pick up a bag of coffee on the fly, there will be a menu and note on the door asking you to call us.  We can suggest coffees over the phone and will ask for your credit card over the phone as well.  And then we will walk the coffee to your car.

We are trying our best to get Square (our POS system) online for take out cafe orders.  We will provide you with a link as soon as we have one.  Same drill- wait in your car and we will deliver it to you.

Flight Coffee Co has thousands of regular mail order customers and wholesale cafes which we are compelled to fulfill.  As a team , we have all made a pact to avoid social situations and to practice social distancing outside of work.  Luckily, most of us at Flight Coffee are introverts and this part of things will be a cake walk.

I know a locked door seems very unfriendly but we have a good thing going at Flight Coffee Co.  We need to stay open for all facets of our business.  Unique times, call for unique measures.  We are committed to being that match that steps away from the flame.  

Thank you ALL so much for kindness!  We have received the kindest emails wishing us well.  We feel the love and send both love and wishes for good health right back to you.

If you have any concerns please reach out to me.

Thanks again!  We are just a small business trying to the right and best thing and we appreciate the outpouring of support!


Claudia and The Flight Crew

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