I am up in the mountains this week, although I am not crazy hiking them, I am staying in a super swank hotel up north with great, sweeping  southeastern and southwestern views of the White Mountains.  If you have climbed up and into the mountains, if you have roamed them endlessly for one entire summer, sometimes at the base you feel a longing "to be back there".

This is the theme of tonight's blog post.  I have had some time recently to read back  to my original blue print for the Dover cafe and I can see where we nailed it (3rd wave atmosphere and mind blowing coffees) where we missed it (the community room for the community) and where in the heck did that come from (making the best bagels in all of New Hampshire).

So naturally, me being me, I am laser focused on where we kind of missed- I mean we  landed the LEM- sort of anyway- but it is askew.  The community room gets a lot of use because we often have an overflow of customers but the original spirit of it never really materialized.  While we were building it out and making it handicap accessible, I had this great lofty notion of total community connection.

So tonight, as I sip my great soberer, I have a longing to go back to when I first had made the definite decision to rent out the full space of 478 & 476 rather then calling it a day and just renting out the cafe part of 478. I could not imagine leaving a vacant space.

One of our company's cornerstone is "community".  I know it sounds funny but if you ever travel back in time to say- 1774- if you found yourself in dire need of reading the most recent Revolutionary pamphlet or a desire to wax poetic on great works of literature or join in on the most recent philosophical speculation you went to the local coffee house. Back in that day, not everybody could afford lavish parties and just about everyone could afford a cup of coffee.  Coffee houses today should be forums for education, moments to muse, a place to make an ambitious to do list or simply a way to connect- social connection and self connection.

Connection.  CONNECTION nourishes a COMMUNITY'S soil.  Connection. Community.  So now Ihave a longing to go back to my original thoughts of actual shared bounties at our community room tables.  Family nights where families could meet one another and share trays of food.  Pop culture nights, literature nights, speak easy nights and so on... all of this I envisioned with shared food platters.  So I am longing to go back to my original vision.  Watch for some pretty cool up and coming after hour events in our community room.  And as a side note our cafe is available for rent after hours.  

Sobering coffee cheers!


Have coffee, will travel.  Here is a picture of my brew travel station in my hotel closet:


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