Teens of Dover...

A community is best when it is connected.  Back in 2015 when we were designing the footprint for the cafe, it was my hope to create a community space- a creative hub for all residents. We have had many groups assemble and gather in the community room and really, for me seeing this connection is what drives my passion for Flight Dover.

We have had some time to retreat from planned events and like after all retreats we fell refreshed and newly determined to serve the Dover Community.

As a business owner in Dover, I want to do good.  Specialty coffee is all about connection- connection to origin, connection to ourselves and connection to each other. I believe a community space keeps our youth safe and vibrant.  Dover High-  if you see yourself looking to volunteer/intern for planning successful events in our community room for the high school students of Dover please email me at claudia@flightcoffeeco.com

I am looking for casual teen nights, game nights, open mic nights, study nights and so on. If you have great ideas and want to do some good, please email me.


Claudia Barrett

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