That which sustains us...

That Which Sustains Us...

Sustainability is an important concept in the specialty coffee world and I think, has equal importance to our good works and universal contracts we honor in our daily lives.

Let's look at the first definition of sustainability as it applies to specialty coffee- sustainability ensures what we (in the industry) do is not harmful in any way to our environment, ecological balance or to the farmer or community of farmers in which we strive to uplift. 

A broader definition of sustainability and the one you may be surprised to read is the focal point of this announcement:

Sustainability (noun)- the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed.

As some of you know, my commute to Dover is a big one.  One trip to the cafe, results in a 2 hour loss in my day.  And as many of you may not know, I have two children at home, on whom I have waited to come into being my entire life. That two hour commute takes away a lot of time from my children. The contract I made with the universe when I became a mother is one that must be honored.  Not part time.  Not when I have the time.  But always, first and foremost for is that which sustains me.  Thus, I have made the decision to sell our Dover cafe.

The Dover cafe, otherwise known as  Flight Coffee Dover will continue to operate under that name but under new ownership- the Bowers, a local Dover family. Kelly and Kristy have strong local ties to Dover and our amazingly talented and incredibly warm people.  They have some big plans for the cafe and there is no doubt in my mind it is going to be a lot of fun with a lot of good works in the future.  As for me?  I am going to get back to focusing in on coffee as science and hiking.  Lots of hiking.

Flight Coffee Co (the roasting lab and tasting room in Bedford) has always been a separate business focused on securing the top 1%-5% of the world's coffee crop, roasting it and providing it to retail, mail order, and wholesale customers. The Dover cafe will remain one of those wholesale customers, so the quality of coffee we have always provided to Dover will not change.

I want to say a sincere thank you to ALL of my cafe employees.  From the Original Gangstas (my coffee kids) to our current crew (known as our friendliest staff ever) it has been an honor to have you as part of Flight Coffee Dover.  I want to say a special thank you to Josh.  Josh has been with me in Dover since day one and frankly, this whole thing would have been a lot harder without his unwavering support.

I also want to say thank you to the Dover community.  Your community is strong and vibrant with local businesses.  I tried to create a community space  and I hope you continue to enjoy it.  Our work with the Dover Children's Home has been one of meaning and I want to thank Rene and the all the folks there who continue to do good works.

Flight Coffee Co is about to get even better! We are going to do even more with Specialty Coffee and education. I am in love with finding unique green coffees.  I am in love with the meditative aspect of roasting coffee.  I am in love with coffee as connection.  I am in love with coffee science. The Bedford Roasting Lab and Tasting Room helps me to "follow my bliss". The Bedford Roasting Lab and Tasting Room is minutes away from my family and my love circle- that which sustains me.

Cheers and thank you.  Thank you with all my heart.  May you always be honest and choose "that which sustains you".

Claudia Barrett



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