Burundi - Gomba Washing Station Ngozi

Burundi - Gomba Washing Station Ngozi

Burundi - Gomba Washing Station Ngozi


Flavor Notes

strawberry, key lime, whipped cream


From Our Cupping Lab

Some coffees come into their own two days after roast, some seven. This one falls in the latter category, a trait which, as one might expect, makes evaluating roast profiles a bit difficult (or, at the very least, more time-consuming). When we first tried the Burundi, we weren't too excited. Lacking in structure and complexity, we weren't sure what we'd be able to achieve even by drastically changing the profile. We decided to be patient, however, and it was certainly worth the wait!

Complexity, body, clarity; this one's a sleeper! Expect prominently sweet notes of strawberry and key lime balanced by a hint of whipped cream matching the Ngozi's creamy mouthfeel.

Region: Muyinga

Process: Washed

Varietal: Mixed

Elevation: 1400-1600m


From Our Importer

This is a fully washed Screen 15+ coffee from the Muyinga province of Burundi at the Gomba Washing Station. The Gomba washing station is located in Buhinyuza District in Muyinga province, bordering Tanzania. The washing station lies at 1433 meters above sea level and receives cherry from surrounding hills with altitude typically between 1400 and 1600m. Through a BCA project, Gomba washing station has already registered 2831 coffee producers divided into 97 groups of 30 farmers, each with an average of 304 trees per farm. The farmers are currently organized in groups of 30 people, headed by a lead farmer. The mill has a young agronomist who has a good understanding of coffee production systems and ‘good agricultural practices’ (GAP). This leader acts as a spokesman to facilitate communication and organization of cherry collection with the washing station. Gomba washing station also has its own coffee nursery which supplies new trees for the smallholder farmers in the region.

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