Kenya - Mikumbune Munani AA [10oz]

Kenya - Mikumbune Munani AA [10oz]

Kenya - Mikumbune Munani AA [10oz]


Flavor Notes:

mandarin, caramel, toffee

From Our Cupping Lab:

This coffee is one of the most rich and complex coffee's we've had in 2019. The layers of flavor progress abnormally as the first sip brings deep toffee flavor lightened by a clean acidity. As the cup begins to cool the complexity of the toffee flavor deepens, greatly assisted by a creamy caramel body and texture. Such great body in this cup! Further down the cooling chain, the sweet citrus acidity becomes more prevalent, and soon enough steals the show! This wonderfully complex Kenyan coffee defies many of our expectations, once again causing us to question our preconceptions of terroir. This coffee is special, it will be packed in 10 ounce bags as opposed to 12 ounces.

Altitude: 1280-1970m

Varietal: batian, ruiru 11, sl-28, sl-34, k7

Region: meru

Factory: munani

Process: washed

From Our Importer: Cafe Imports

The Munani factory is operated by the Mikumbune Farmers Cooperative Society, which operates four factories in the Meru county on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya. Mikumbune F.C.S. has a total of 1,300 smallholder members but only represents about 250 hectares of coffee land: That is less than 0.20 hectare per farmer on average. Farmers in this county typically grow a range of typical Kenyan varieties including SL-28, SL-34, Batian, and K7.

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