Malawi Mzuzu

Malawi Mzuzu

Malawi Mzuzu


Flavor Notes:

orange, clove, caramel


From Our Cupping Lab:

Coffees from East Africa provide an ever-diverse, ever-exciting variety of flavor, with powerhouses like Ethiopia and Kenya producing vast quantities of high quality specialty offerings. It's always interesting, then, when a sample from somewhere like the Republic of Malawi appears at the proverbial doorstep...

The Mzuzu is a product of the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union, which represents some 2,700 small scale farmers, of whom over 30% are women. This coffee carves out a unique place among not only our current offerings, but among those of the past year; it presents a juicy, well-balanced cup with sweet notes of orange and caramel -- well-accompanied by a hint of clove -- and a lush body. Interesting enough to draw you in and so drinkable it'll keep you coming back, we're excited to add this uncommon offering to our lineup!


Coffee Info:


Mizuku Hills, Phoka Hills, Viphaya North, Nkhata Bay Highlands, South East Mzimba

Process: Washed

Varietals: Catimor 129, Nyika Catimor, Geisha

Altitude: 1200-2500m



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