Papua New Guinea Beser A/X *New Crop*

Papua New Guinea Beser A/X *New Crop*

Papua New Guinea Beser A/X *New Crop*


Flavor Notes:

Cherry, Sage


From Our Cupping Lab:

A great and solid coffee from the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  We're pleased to offer this coffee once again. This time around this coffee offers a well rounded smoothness with notes of cherry and an earthy note of sage! It has the sparkling, juiciness of cherry up front and the resemblance of an earthy Sumatran on the finish. This PNG is a delightful addition to our line up of single origin coffees.


Region: Eastern Highlands

Producer: Sero Bebes

Process: Washed

Varietal:  Typica

Elevation: 1500-1800m

From Our Importer: Olam 


This A/X quality coffee was processed at the Bebes washing station in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea in the Obura-Wonenara District. Sero Bebes is the owner of the washing station which he has be running since around 2010. He runs a 34 HA plantation that was planted in 1968 and mainly grows Typica. This coffee was dried on raised beds.

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