Papua New Guinea Beser A/X

Papua New Guinea Beser A/X

Papua New Guinea Beser A/X


Flavor Notes:

Vanilla, Maple, Molasses


From Our Cupping Lab:

A great and solid coffee from the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  This coffee offers a sweet honey smoothness with notes of molasses, maple syrup and vanilla extract.


Region: Eastern Highlands

Producer: Sero Bebes

Process: Washed

Varietal:  Typica

Elevation: 1500-1800m

From Our Importer: Olam 


This A/X quality coffee was processed at the Bebes washing station in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea in the Obura-Wonenara District. Sero Bebes is the owner of the washing station which he has be running since around 2010. He runs a 34 HA plantation that was planted in 1968 and mainly grows Typica. This coffee was dried on raised beds.

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