Peru Marcial Olivera Cajamarca

Peru Marcial Olivera Cajamarca

Peru Marcial Olivera Cajamarca



Tasting Notes: Juicy peach  / Brown sugar / Honeydew melon

    Processing: Washed
    Region: Nuevo Trujillo / Cajamarca
    Farm: La Fortuna
    Varietal: Caturra
    Altitude: 1800 masl

    12 ounces

    About the farm

    [ From Cafe Imports ]

    Marcial Diaz Olivera, his wife Vilma Diaz Mego, and their three children live together on their five hectare farm "La Fortuna" in Nuevo Trujillo. NuevoTrujillo is located in the district of San Jose De Lourdes, within the province of San Ignacio. La Fortuna's annual production averages 150 quintals of coffee annually.

    We are extremely excited to bring Peruvian microlots to our offerings for the second year running. Microlots in Peru are still very much in their formative years. There is great potential for microlots in Peru, and our green buyer Piero Cristiani has been working hard with producers in Cajamarca to develop the best quality this beautiful coffee region has to offer. Our microlot program from Peru has more than doubled since 2014 and we hope to see this program continue its exponential grow next harvest.

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