Brazil - Daterra Farms Peaberry

Brazil - Daterra Farms Peaberry

Brazil - Daterra Farms Peaberry


Flavor Notes

peanut butter, chocolate


From Our Cupping Lab

As a cupping group, we tend to prefer coffees with more complexity than many from Brazil can muster.  That being said, our Daterra Farms offerings are our biggest sellers with their prominent chocolate and peanut notes (think Snickers Bars)! A jack of all trades, the Peaberry works as batch brew, espresso, and cold brew, too! The cherry on top: Daterra Farms is an acclaimed and innovative farm with plenty of earth friendly certifications.

Region: Cerrado

Process: Pulped (Semi-Washed), Natural, Pulped Raisin

Varietal: Peaberry

Elevation: 1000-1200m


From the Farm

A magical small round bean filled with intense sweet aromas. Its distinctive nuttiness with a hint of soft fruit, combined with low acidity creates a well-balanced clean cup. Adding some Peaberry in an espresso blend will produce an amazing silky, rich créme.

Daterra Farms



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