Burundi FW IWCA

Burundi FW IWCA

Burundi FW IWCA



Cupping Notes: Red Fruits and Chocolate.

    Origin: Burundi
    Region:  Ngozi Province > Busiga Commune
    Farm: Karahe
    Varietal: Bourbon
    Altitude: >1,750m
    Processing Method: Washed

    12 ounces

    About the Bean

    This fully washed Burundi coffee comes from the Busiga Commune in the Ngozi province of Northern Burundi. The farmers that contributed to this lot cultivate 500 trees per producer on average. The farmers have participated in the gender equity program since 2013 and have been trained on quality production. In 2015, 33% of the price for green coffee is distributed to IWCA chapter and farmers.

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