Coffee Knowledge & Roasting Practicum Class | January 27, 2019

Coffee Knowledge & Roasting Practicum Class | January 27, 2019

Coffee Knowledge & Roasting Practicum Class | January 27, 2019


 WE HAVE CREATED THIS COURSE  for cafes who have dreamed of roasting their own COFFEE and for our customers who are simply the very brightest in all of New England.  Take the course for pleasure or take the course to become an amazing artisan. 

Roasting coffee is a lot of fun.  We want to share the love and fun with you.  The below course is a prerequisite for creating your own roasts on our small batch Diedrich Coffee Roaster.  If you own a cafe there are A LOT of advantages to brewing and selling your own roasted coffee in your own special packaging.  Or, if you are a coffee lover (we get it) think of joining our co-op at a lower tier- think of it as a gym membership- only for coffee roasting and sweet pleasure. 

The beauty of coffee roasting is in the nuance of of green coffees. Sure we roasters like to fancy ourselves as alchemical wizards- keepers of Hermeticism and all of that, but the reality is coffee roasting is a skill akin to calligraphy or any fine art. The more you practice the more beautiful the form.

This course will send you home with an official Flight Coffee Coffee Knowledge Manual and 6 lbs of the coffee that you yourself roasted.

Coffee Knowledge and Roast Theory  (big day- good thing we have coffee!)  8am - 2pm

During the first part of class, Claudia Barrett will take you on a journey from seed to cup. Learn all about the role of origin, coffee processing and quality determinants and see how these key factors impact the flavor profile of a coffee's unique expression.  


1.  Mythologies & History of Coffee

2.  Coffee as a Brewed Beverage Throughout History

3.  What Classifies a Coffee as Specialty Coffee and What is the 3rd Wave of Coffee?

4.  The History of Cupping as a Quality Reference and as a Point of Communication

5.  Common Descriptors of Coffee.

6. Brief History of Cultivars and Terroir

7.  The Role of Aromatic Compounds in Coffee using our industry kit- Le Nez Du Cafe

8.  Basic Botany

9. The Role of Processing in Coffee

10. Sustainability in Specialty Coffee

11.  A Coffee Cupping with our Team

12.  A Basic Introduction into the different types of coffee roasters- focusing on drum roasters

13.  Basic Roasting Theory- the chemical transformations the coffee undergoes during the roasting process, roast profiling, roasting dynamics, difference between first crack and second crack.  (And why 3rd crack is really bad- industry joke you will laugh at!)

15.  Tricks of the Trade- air flow, Rate of Rise, Adding body or sweetness to your roasted coffee, heat transfer.

AND FINALLY- ROAST YOUR OWN BATCH!  Pick 5# of any of our coffees and roast! 



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