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Colombia Albeiro Solarte


From Our Cupping Lab:

Named after its producer, the Colombia Albeiro Solarte is the sort of coffee you find something new in every time you drink it. Astoundingly complex though still well-balanced, expect a nutty, fruity, and spiced cup.

From the Importer:

Albeiro and his nine siblings grew up at Finca Bellavista. He and four of his brothers still live at the farm today, caring for both the coffee and their aging parents. They have fond childhood memories and learned everything they know about coffee from their now 96 year old father.

While Albeiro takes pride in growing excellent coffee, providing his parent’s with a comfortable lifestyle in their golden years is the ultimate reward for his hard work. He sees potential in our business model and hopes that this move towards sustainability will allow him to grow old at Finca Bellavista as well.

Arango Specialty Coffee


Flavor Notes:

pecan toffee, black cherry, cinnamon, ginger

Altitude: 1850m

Varietal: Castillo

Region: Nariño

Process: Washed

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