Colombia Frontera de Acevedo

Colombia Frontera de Acevedo

Colombia Frontera de Acevedo


Flavor Notes:

blood orange, vanilla, cinnamon

Nestled between the eastern and central cordilleras (mountains) - a convergence of rigid peaks and jungle - lay Acevedo, a municipality within the Huila region of Colombia. Host to a diverse array of microclimates, the cool jungle air simulates higher elevations than exist within the municipality. The result: an assortment of bright, complex coffees, of which the Fontera de Acevedo is a blend.

Often the coffees we receive from Huila possess strong notes of stone fruit. The Frontera, owing to the unique conditions in which its components were grown, diverges from that trend; as wonderfully structured as the ridges of its origin, this Colombian coffee is clean with well-defined notes of blood orange, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Altitude: 1450-1750m

Varietal: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

Region: Huila

Process: Washed



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