Colombia | Huila Best Cup #15 | Limited Supply

Colombia | Huila Best Cup #15 | Limited Supply

Colombia | Huila Best Cup #15 | Limited Supply


A challenging roast to dial in, we explored both light and deep before finding comfort in the middle. Our Huila Best Cup #15 has prominent notes of cinnamon in aroma and strawberry in the cup, making it a sweet way to warm up. Limited supply.


Cupping Notes: strawberry and cinnamon.

Origin: Colombia
Region:  Huila
Farm: Rodrigo Albeto Peláez Gallego
Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1800m
Processing Method: Washed


Rodrigo Albeto Peláez Gallego has been growing coffee for 18 years, and has developed sophisticated systems by using technology to monitor coffee quality, and log sensory and physical information about his crops using a database called TASTYFY.

Don Rodrigo's farm is one of the largest that we have seen in the Best Cup competitions: He has 95 hectares of land, 70 of which are planted with 340,000 coffee trees. For this lot, only the ripe Caturra cherry was picked and depulped and sorted using a machine called a Becolsub, which reduces the amount of water typically used in depulping and sorting. This lot comprises only ripe Caturra cherry, which are dry fermented for 18 hours before being washed and primarily mechanically dried.

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