Colombia - La Florida Y Toribio

Colombia - La Florida Y Toribio

Colombia - La Florida Y Toribio


Flavor Notes:

Tangerine, Almond, Magnolia

From Our Cupping Lab:

Pleasantly surprised by this layered Colombian coffee. Every year the coffee's coming out of Cauca bring hope to the world of coffee. Most of all though, very glad we can support the people who live there by building a coffee chain together. Check out the information from Olam for more details about what's happening in Colombia.

Altitude: +2000masl

Varietal: caturra, castillo, colombia,

Region: valle del cauca y toribio

Process: washed


From our Importer: Olam Specialty Coffee

This lot is a curated blend of about 20 smallholder farmers in La Florida, Valle del Cauca and about 15 from Toribío, Cauca, all of which pertain to Nasa indigenous communities in these neighboring municipalities. The average farm size of producers who've contributed to this lot is 1.5 ha. Grown at heights of 1600-1900masl, this lot consists of the Colombia, Castilllo, and Caturra varietals.

Despite their locations in departments of Colombia known for industrialized agriculture, these secluded communities continue to practice traditional agroforestry techniques, as is their culture and spiritual relationship with the land they have inhabited for thousands of years. The area is experiencing a particularly violent struggle for land, illicit crops, and the right to transport illicit crops to the Pacific Ocean, as it has periodically for decades.

Smallholders are under physical as well as economic pressure to plant or maintain illicit crops rather than legal ones like coffee. Price premiums offered to producers of high-quality coffee go a long way to assisting in the stabilization of the communities and providing a viable economic alternative to the illicit economy.

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