Colombia Microlot - Alexander Vargas

Colombia Microlot - Alexander Vargas

Colombia Microlot - Alexander Vargas


Flavor Notes

orange creamsicle, milk chocolate


From Our Cupping Lab

One of a Huilan pair (the other being the Alvaro Perdomo), the Vargas is an orange creamsicle in coffee form (with a little milk chocolate to round things out). As creamy, sweet, and refreshing as it sounds, this microlot is as wonderfully balanced as its sibling, though a bit brighter in comparison.

Region: Huila

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon

Elevation: 1800m


From Our Importer

Finca La Piragua is a 5-hectare farm with 4 hectares planted with Bourbon coffee. The owner, Alexander Vargas, started out in coffee on his family's farm, as many growers do. He started on a piece of land his parents lent him, and he grew 1,000 Caturra trees. Five years later he was able to buy his own property, and because Caturra was struggling with coffee-leaf rust, he switched his main production to Bourbon.

Coffee is picked when the cherries are bright red and depulped the following day, after being placed in a hopper or in a tank overnight. After depulping, it is fermented for 16 hours, then washed three times. Alexander uses both parabolic and mechanical driers, and the drying process usually takes 10–15 days.

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