Colombia Microlot - Alvaro Perdomo

Colombia Microlot - Alvaro Perdomo

Colombia Microlot - Alvaro Perdomo


Flavor Notes

vanilla, almond, ginger


From Our Cupping Lab

One of a Huilan pair (the other being the Alexander Vargas), the Perdomo's a wonderfully balanced cup. Creamy aroma transforms into vanilla, almond, and ginger in the cup. Smooth as anyone could desire, we're especially impressed by this microlot's buttery finish.

Region: Huila

Process: Washed

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Elevation: 1600m


From Our Importer

Alvaro Perdomo has been farming coffee for 30 years, having been born into a coffee family. He started with a piece of land he bought from his coffee-producer father, about 4 hectares that were planted with Caturra. He has grown his property since then, and expanded the varieties he grows. He has recently been cultivating Pink Bourbon on his 25-hectare farm, Finca La Providencia, along with a mix of varieties including Colombia, Caturra, and Gesha.

Alvaro joined the Primaveral asociation of coffee growers in the region, and from his fellowcafeteros he has learned new techniques and made changes and improvements to his fermentation process.

He makes sure to hand-pick ripe cherries. The coffee is rinsed and left intact for 12 hours before being depulped and demucilaged, fermented for 16 hours, and rinsed again before being laid out in parabolic dryers. drying takes 8–10 days, depending on the weather.

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