Flight Coffee Co.

Teodoro Herrera Peru Microlot


Flavor Notes:

praline, cranberry, toasted oats

From Our Cupping Lab:

This washed microlot from Peru is tangy and savory coffee. At first sip it has a nutty praline flavor that transitions into the tart and sweet note of cranberry. The savory note of toasted oats completes the cup for a well-rounded coffee.
This coffee was grown on a 5.5 hectare farm where they grow several varieties of coffee. The ripe coffee cherries are picked then depulped, afterwards they spend 20-30 hours fermenting before being washed several times. Then the coffee is set out to dry in shade covered raised beds.

Region: Cajamarca

Process: Washed

Varietals: Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica

Altitude: 1950m



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