Costa Rica - La Manita Híbrido Tico - Limited Release

Costa Rica - La Manita Híbrido Tico - Limited Release

Costa Rica - La Manita Híbrido Tico - Limited Release


Flavor Notes

gooseberry, red currant, chocolate


From Our Cupping Lab

A while back, Jacob had the opportunity to visit La Minita headquarters in Hinesburg, VT to cup their new microlots, firsts for the Costa Rican operation famed for their quality estate coffees. Out of the bunch, the yellow honey processed Híbrido Tico stood out. Wonderfully juicy and sweetly tart -- with notes of chocolate to help balance things out -- we've been waiting with anticipation for this limited release. Surprisingly hard to dial in (the Tico roasts differently than any coffee we've gotten before) we're finally ready to put it up!

Region: Tarrazu

Process: Yellow Honey

Varietal: Híbrido Tico

Elevation: 1700-2000m


About La Minita's Yellow Honey Processing

Only fully ripe cherries are picked from the farm. When the cherries get to the mill they are left during 12 hours in the receiving tank without being depulped, then the depulping takes place and the parchment coffee is washed using a mechanical demucilager; 70% of the mucilage is left on the coffee. The wet parchment is pre-dried on a patio during 2 hours and then dried on African or elevated beds for 8 to 12 days depending on weather.

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About the Farm

La Minita is our coffee estate located in the picturesque landscape of the Tarrazu region in central Costa Rica. The coffee that we produce from this farm is considered by experts to be among the very best in the world. As our flagship farm, La Minita's reputation and renown constantly drive us to match its excellence in all of our coffee endeavors. Over the years this property has allowed us to introduce innovative and progressive farming and management methods that will be used successfully into the future.

La Minita



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