Ethiopia Amaro Gayo Dry Process (she's back!)

Ethiopia Amaro Gayo Dry Process (she's back!)

Ethiopia Amaro Gayo Dry Process (she's back!)


First roast and ship date will be Monday, June 26th.  Scoring 94 points on Coffee Review a few years back and what we proudly called "Project Women in Coffee", we understand how special Asnakech's coffee is to our customers that is why we were offering a special 5 lb price.


Tasting notes: Blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, schnozberry (nod to Wonka) and lastly rhubarb of all things! Put it in a sippy cup and give it to the wee ones because it is that darn sweet!

  • Processing: Dry process
  • Altitude: 6500 ft
  • Region: Amaro mountains
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • 12 ounce bag

About the farm:

Women owned and run, the smiling face belongs to the indefatigable Asnakech Thomas, Ethiopian coffee's only miller/producer/exporter, who brings to life the Ethiopia Sidamo Amaro Gayo, a natural-process, sun-dried, organic offering which proundly reflects its terroir. She insists that everything be done right, from harvesting and sorting only ripe cherries, using a water-saving eco-pulper down to assuring that the high premiums paid for the green beans find their way back into the community of Amaro. We are calling this a "Women's coffee project" in light of the fact that, according to Asnakech, "almost 80% of the people who pick my coffee are women. I want to encourage them." The intense berry, exotic fruit and honey-sweet notes go hand in hand with the extravagant body and consistency of this coffee This coffee excites us because it is milled by one the most influential figures in Ethiopian coffee today.

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