Ethiopia - Gidhey Limu Kossa

Ethiopia - Gidhey Limu Kossa

Ethiopia - Gidhey Limu Kossa


Flavor Notes

watermelon, jackfruit, hibiscus


From Our Cupping Lab

Falling firmly outside the flavor references we have in-lab, the Gidhey stunned us on the cupping table. Sweetly floral in fragrance and aroma and intensely sweet in flavor, it took us a moment to gather our composure before deciding on flavor notes. Wonderfully clean and  smooth, this is an offering so unique one must experience it for themselves.

Region: Limu Kossa

Process: Washed

Varietal: Heirloom

Elevation: 1900m


From Our Importer

Limu Kossa farm is both a geographic area of the Oromia district, as well as the name of a privately run farm in the region. It's a sizable estate that is broken into 15 hectare sections with marked varieties of coffee planted within. The farm is run by a gentleman named Gidhey, who's has a long coffee history in this area. His first farm was lost to rezoning of the area to forest, not a bad thing, but forced Gidhey to continue his farming somewhere here where he is producing several containers worth of both wet and dry processed coffees. They use a mechanical washing machine that is a lot like a demucilager in that it removes the cherry skin and most of the sticky mucilage with very little water. After, they allow the coffee to soak for 16 hours in clean water, so the process is sort of a hybrid between pulp natural and fully washed. The farm sits just above 1900 meters above sea level, and while they are a certified organic farm, we did not bring the coffee in as such and so we can't sell as certified. A bit of a snafu on our part, but we are hoping to offer with the certification this upcoming harvest.

Coffee Shrub

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