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Ethiopia Muda Tatesa G1 Natural


From Our Cupping Lab:

The Uraga region of Guji, notable for its especially high elevations and the dense, mountainous forest it’s home to, produces coffees that are sought after the world over for their complex sweetness. A rustic natural process offering, the Muda Tatesa presents a creamy mouthfeel and notes of dark hot cocoa, cooked peaches, blackberry, and a hint of blueberry in the cup.

High growing elevation is correlated with cup complexity; cooler temperatures slow the ripening of the coffee fruit, allowing more time for complex flavors and aromas (or, rather, the compounds responsible) to develop. The Muda Tatesa is no exception.

Flavor Notes:

dark hot cocoa, cooked peaches, blackberry, blueberry

Altitude: 2300m

Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces

Region: Uraga, Guji

Process: Natural

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