Ethiopia Suke Quto Daannisa- Natural Processed

Ethiopia Suke Quto Daannisa- Natural Processed

Ethiopia Suke Quto Daannisa- Natural Processed


Flavor Notes:

Dried Strawberry, Sugarcane, Mango

From Our Cupping Lab:

This coffee is sneaky. What starts off with a fruit-bomb like fragrance settles into a juicy and complex cup. Drink this coffee from hot to cool and taste its progression all the way through.

Altitude: 1900-2100m

Varietal: heirloom

Region: shakiso, guji

Process: natural

From Our Importer: Coffee Shrub

The Daannisa coffee processing site is near the town of Suke Quto, in the small village of Daannisa. This is really considered a "sub-Kebele", about the smallest geographical division in Ethiopia. This coffee is a later arrival for us and comes from Guji Highland Farm, a group who manage their own large semi-forest coffee farms around the Guji area. In addition to managing their own estates, they circulate coffee plants to small farmers in the surrounding areas whose coffee they will buy and process at their milling sites. This lot is a blend of coffee from their own farms as well as outgrowers. Coffee is grown at an altitude range of 1900 - 2100+ meters above sea level. The owner of Guji Highland, Wodessa, cooked us an incredible goat dinner when we visited last December and he insisted on putting us up for the night as well. Lucky us, as it was sundown and we were still hours away from our final destination! The bean screen size is pretty broad and there are some very small beans mixed in. If you're roasting on a Behmor, try giving the loaded drum a 'shake' before loading in the machine, allowing for any tiny beans to drop out on your counter rather than in the hot roaster. I'd also recommend Behmor users keep roast batches to 200 grams or less and not go too far into 2nd crack, or at all. The excessive chaff from the dry process coffee can be a fire hazard. All that said, we've had good success with coffee in the Behmor but tend to stick to lighter roasting (better cup in my opinion anyways!). 

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