Colombia Gladys Pena Microlot 3

Colombia Gladys Pena Microlot 3

Colombia Gladys Pena Microlot 3



Tasting Notes: Dripping with notes of chocolate and red apple.  Supple Body

Origin: Colombia || Region: Popayan || Varietal: Castillo || Altitude: 1,800 masl

A dazzling microlot from the farm of Gladys Pena.  This coffee is sweet, rich and full of a wonderful malic apple acidity.   Cellular respiration (plant growth and fruit development) mostly results in the formation of chlorogenic, citric, malic and phosphoric acids.  All contribute in a pleasing way to the acidity or sparkle like taste perception in coffee.

 This coffee has some of the classic sweet nuttiness of its origin but the malic acidity really pushes though from start to finish.

Imported by Cafe Imports:

Farm owner Gladys Peña grows Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, and Tabi varieties on her small farm called San Gerardo in Popayan, Cauca. The coffee is picked ripe, depulped the same day, washed until it is free from mucilage, and dried in parabolic dryers for 8–10 days




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