Honduras - Pablo Cruz Microlot

Honduras - Pablo Cruz Microlot

Honduras - Pablo Cruz Microlot


Flavor Notes

milk chocolate, peanut butter, blackberry


From Our Cupping Lab

Fans of past peanut butter cup -esque Brazilian offerings will likely love the Cruz. Exceptionally balanced and creamy, cocoa is prominent in fragrance and aroma. In the cup, milk chocolate is most apparent along with peanut butter. Interesting, however, is the slight brightening presence of blackberry, especially as the coffee cools.

Region: Western Honduras

Process: Washed

Varietal:  Parainema

Elevation: 1400m


From Our Importer

This is an SHG EP grade coffee from Western Honduras. This microlot separation from producer Pablo Cruz and was dry milled at Beneficio San Vicente. Read more about our collaboration with Beneficio San Vicente in our blog post, “New, Different, Exciting: Microlot Separation and Prep in Honduras.”

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