Kenya AB - Mutitu 'Microlot'

Kenya AB - Mutitu 'Microlot'

Kenya AB - Mutitu 'Microlot'


Tasting Notes:  Peach, Heavy Syrup Body

  • Region: Mutiu
  • Processing: Wet Process Kenya Type
  • Altitude: 1500-2000 m
  • Varietal: SL 28 SL 34
  • 12 ounces

About the farm:

A true Kenyan powerhouse! Fruity acidy and a full body make for a great cup.

This is an AB grade microlot coffee from the Mutitu factory in Kenya. The Mutitu Factory is located in Kenya’s Kirinyaga region and is a member of the Mutira Farmer’s Cooperative Society. There are 600 or so farmers who supply the Mutitu factory, all of who have an average of an acre for growing coffee and other crops. Varieties include SL28 & SL34 and growing altitude is 1750 masl.

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