Kenya Kabare Karani AB Single Origin Espresso

Kenya Kabare Karani AB Single Origin Espresso

Kenya Kabare Karani AB Single Origin Espresso


Flavor Notes

blackberry, cranberry


From Our Cupping Lab

Difficult to pin down, here's how we originally described the Kabare while we were selling it for drip:

Savory, bright, and sweet with a smooth body and finish, we're psyched by this Kenya's unique aromatic and flavor profile; bloody mary (tomato juice, black pepper, lemon, lime, and a bit of spice) and lemongrass form a surprisingly balanced cup.

Oh, how things change. Some slight modifications to the profile have created an exciting espresso. From the same farm with which we scored a 95 from Coffee Review (2014), the Kabare is paradoxically complex so as to be difficult to describe. Its aroma reminds us of an orange zest. In the shot glass, however, is a rich combination of blackberry and cranberry, resulting in a dynamic balance of sweet and tart.

Region: Kabare

Process: Washed

Varietal: SL-28, SL-34

Elevation: 1700-1800m


From Our Importer

The Kabare Cooperative Society oversees 11 washing stations in Kirinyaga disrict, mainly on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. With a membership of 12,300 farmers, the coop is managed by 9 elected board members.

The Karani washing station represents about 600 of these small farmers, with a total intake of 450,000 kg of cherry per season. "Karani" is the kikuyu name of the original owners of the farm where this washing station was later built.  Farms in the area cultivate coffee in sandy volcanic soil. Coffee is selectively hand-picked, fermented and washed using fresh water from the Ragati river, and meticulously sun-dried on raised beds.

The peaks of snow-capped famous Mt. Kenya are very visible from the factory, and the sprinkler irrigation taking place across the Ragati River on the famous Kibirigwi Irrigation Scheme, help to make the area particularly scenic.

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