Kenya - Konyu Kirinyaga AB

Kenya - Konyu Kirinyaga AB

Kenya - Konyu Kirinyaga AB


Flavor Notes

concord grape, cranberry, cherry


From Our Cupping Lab

Oh, rabbit holes of rabbit holes! Kenya coffees are always such drama queens and this amazing offering from the Kirinyaga region holds true.  Think concord grape, cranberry and a super silky body.  Juicy, sweet and tart from start to finish!

Region: Kirinyaga

Process: Washed

Varietal: SL-28, Batian, Ruiru 11

Elevation: 1600m


From Our Importer

Konyu Coffee Factory was established in 1962, and is operated by the Kabare Farmers Cooperative Society (F.C.S.), which has 1,090 contributing smallholder member farmers. The area has fertile red volcanic clay soil thanks to nearby Mt. Kenya. Coffee is picked by individual farmers and delivered in cherry to the factory, where it is sorted and processed. After depulping, it is fermented for 14–24 hours underwater, then washed four times before being put on raised metal drying tables for 6–15 days.

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