Kenya - Nyeri Ichamama Peaberry

Kenya - Nyeri Ichamama Peaberry

Kenya - Nyeri Ichamama Peaberry


Flavor Notes

merlot, strawberry


From Our Cupping Lab

The perfect partner for our Konyu, the Ichamama Peaberry is equally beautiful green, roasted, and brewed. We were uncertain at first, as this reportedly complex Kenya fell a bit flat on the table. Pulling from experience, however, we decided to let it rest for a few days before doing anything too drastic. Low and behold, a few days out and the Ichamama is all we hoped for! Winey in fragrance, aroma, and cup, this offering is reminiscent of Merlot and strawberry, with all the smooth complexity you'd expect!

Region: Nyeri

Process: Washed

Varietal: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11

Elevation: 1800-2000m


From Our Importer

This coffee is from the Ichamama Factory, a washing station near Karima Hill in Nyeri. The station was named after the Ichamama river which flows near enough to the station to be the source of water for processing coffee. Ichamama is one of 19 washing stations that make up the Othaya Farmer's Cooperative Society, a coop-run organization, one of the older ones I might add. Othaya started in the mid-1950s, ballooning from 250 original members to 15,000 strong today. Karima is one of the older of the group, erected in 1964, and currently with nearly 1,000 farmer members (and is one of the most productive of the 19). The station sits at about 1750 meters above sea level, and coffee is grown in the higher altitude areas surrounding it. This is the Peaberry outturn, a separation of all of the small round beans from the flat beans (traded as grades AA, AB, C, and others). We find that the Peaberries can be a bit more fruit-forward than the AA and AB grades, even when they're all from the same process batch.

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