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Papua New Guinea Kabiufa (Lot 4)


From Our Cupping Lab:

One of two sibling coffees, the Kabiufa Lot 4 sets itself apart from other offerings in our lineup with an interesting malt note and sugary mouthfeel. A complex cup that reminds us of malted milk balls with a touch of plum and cherry, the Lot 4 is plenty interesting for those looking to try something new while also being balanced enough to be an easy daily drinker.

The Kabiufas are neat because they're both from the same producer (and thus, the same small area), but are pretty distinct from each other, illustrating how much even slight variations at origin can produce different tasting coffees.

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Flavor Notes:

cocoa powder, malted milk, cherry, plum

Altitude: 1750m

Varietal: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica

Region: Eastern Highlands

Process: Washed

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