Sulawesi | Tana Toraja Saleko

Sulawesi | Tana Toraja Saleko

Sulawesi | Tana Toraja Saleko



Region: Tana Toraja

Process: Washed

Varietal: Typica

Elevation: 1800-2100m


cranberry, caramel, black currant


The "Saleko", a name for the blue eyed, black and white spotted buffalo, is one of the most prized buffalos used for traditional burial ritual in Sulawesi. The highly valued beast is used in this case to denote a high quality blend of coffees from small producers who belong to a local cooperative in a small town in Northern Toraja, a group made up of nearly 2000 farmer members across 8 sub-districts. That's a large group to say the least, and they've been divided into 87 smaller sub groups in order to streamline processing and quality separation. The group facilitates sales of wet parchment to the famed Toarco group as well as export on their own, and this year have shifted into mostly producing their own coffee, affording farmer members a higher premium. This lot is from one of the higher elevation zones, farms starting at 1800 meters above sea level, and topping out at 2100 meters. This lot is fully wet processed, and sun dried in covered drying rooms. Most farmers grow Typica as well as 795, and older Typica hybrid. The bean size is roughly 17 to 19 screen, which is about the size of a Kenya AA. Being Typica, the seed is elongated and somewhat narrow in comparison to most Caturras or Bourbons.

Coffee Shrub / Sweet Maria's

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