Sumatra - Reje Gayo

Sumatra - Reje Gayo

Sumatra - Reje Gayo


Flavor Notes

hops (ipa), blood orange


From Our Cupping Lab

We're back in hoppy business! A great offering from Jacob's favorite coffee origin, the Reje is complex, punchy, and surprisingly balanced. Tropically spicy in fragrance and aroma. Round hoppy-ness and blood orange in the cup. We could try to stretch this but in the end it's not necessary. What is? Trying a cup.

Region: Aceh

Process: Wet-Hulled

Varietal: Mixed

Elevation: 1200-1600m


From Our Importer

This coffee comes to us from the KSU Item Reje Gayo co-op in central Aceh, Indonesia. Reje Gayo accounts for a number of smallholder farmers who deliver cherry to the processing facility, as most of the producers have very little land, and also grow various other crops, including avocado, orange, guava, banana, and even cinnamon. Once farmers deliver their cherry to the mill, the coffee is wet-depulped and dried for an average of three days.

Reje Gayo's plans for the future include the distribution of organic fertilizers, provision of coffee shade plants such as avocado, basic construction training, and the distributionof coffee seeds. Reje Gayo is also a partner with us on our Women Producer program, which provides a premium price to coffees from the nearly 300 female producers who are members of the group.

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