Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry

Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry

Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry


Flavor Notes:

kiwi, lime, chocolate


From Our Cupping Lab:

A blend from various farms in both northern and southern Tanzania, the Zanzibar Peaberry impressed us with its complex sweetness and zesty mouth feel.
Peaberry coffee is the product of a natural mutation. Normally, two seeds ("beans") develop within the coffee fruit, pushing up against one another to form the characteristic flat sides of coffee beans. Peaberries occur when only one of the two seeds is fertilized, leaving it with nothing to press against. As a result, it takes on a round, pea-like shape.
Somewhere around 5% of coffee harvested has this mutation. Some claim that, all else being equal, peaberry coffee is superior in taste. It certainly roasts nicely on account of its round, even shape. Whether or not peaberry coffee is intrinsically superior is debatable, but the Zanzibar is a clean, high quality offering, one we're excited to be serving up!

Region: northern and southern Tanzania

Process: washed

Varietals: mixed

Altitude: 1400-1800m



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