Team Finocchiaro Fundraiser

Team Finocchiaro Fundraiser
Team Finocchiaro Fundraiser

Team Finocchiaro Fundraiser


Support the Mother-Daughter Marathon team of Carolyn & Alex Finocchiaro as they raise money to fight Rare Diseases.  

Choose Whole Bean, or your grind level (French Press, Drip, or Espresso), then choose Medium roast, Dark roast, or Decaf above and hit the Add to Cart button.

Orders can be picked up at Flight Coffee's retail location in Bedford, NH or sent to you via Priority Mail.

 Here is a little more information about the Finocchiaros:

Our names are Carolyn and Alex Finocchiaro, and we are a Mother/Daughter duo running the Boston Marathon this year on the Running for Rare Disease Team. We have been running together for 6 or so years, and it has been an amazing way to bond and form a strong relationship. It is a time free from cell phones and the usual chaos of life, giving us great time to catch up and talk, and sometimes just tough out those runs and enjoy each other in silence. We have run multiple half marathons, and participate every year in the Boilermaker, a 15k in Utica NY.

So, why a marathon? And why Running for Rare?

Alex is a senior in high school, and each student must complete a senior project. This can pretty much be anything they want to do, some past projects of students included raising a duck, training a bunny, and fundraising for various causes. Alex decided to do her project on how she can use her love of running to help people in the community, while also exploring how to train for and complete a marathon.  Carolyn is a case manager at Sanofi Genzyme, working with Lysosomal Storage Disorders in the rare disease space. They found out about this group via her job. It seemed like a perfect fit for her project. And of course, Mom would have to complete the Boston Marathon if her daughter did, so here we are!

Carolyn and Alex both were found to have Lynch Syndrome about 10 years ago due to multiple deaths in the family from various cancers. Lynch is a genetic predisposition to multiple cancers, but predominantly colon, ovarian, and skin. Carolyn has had a sebaceous carcinoma removed already. Screening and prevention are the major issues with Lynch, and we are both proactive in that regard.

We have ties to the rare disease community through Lynch Syndrome and Carolyn’s job working with Rare Disease patients.

We have been partnered with a young boy with Aarskog-Scott Disease, and a young lady with MPS1.

The training is going well, and we are working hard at fund raising, which has been a big learning curve for us. Flight Coffee Company in Bedford, NH, and Sweet Kiwi Frozen Yogurt in Manchester, NH have been amazing in helping us in this effort, as have our family and friends.

We are extremely happy to be part of this team, supporting those with rare disease, using our love of running to help a greater cause.

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