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Aeropress Brew Guide

Brought to you by the manufactures of Frisbee!  (No really- it is true!)  This amazing plastic brewer is the ideal traveling companion.  It is easy to transport, there is minimal clean up and it can be quite forgiving in the brew too!  Lots of viscosity and flavor are delivered using the Aeropress. Here we are going to help you out some.  The first set of directions will be for a trained and clear minded barista.  The second set of directions will be quick and general for when you are on the go and summiting one of our 4k White Mountains, up here in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. You will need: An Aeropress, of course!An Aeropress filterAny old kettle...

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Chemex Brew Guide

Ah,the Chemex! This magnificent and beautiful coffeemaker, was invented by Peter Schlumbohm  in 1941, and which continues to be manufactured by the Chemex Corporation in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The Chemex Coffeemaker consists of an hourglass-shaped glass flask with a cylindrical neck (rather than a conical neck) and uses proprietary filters, made of chemically bonded paper (of thicker-gauge paper than the standard paper filters for a drip-method coffeemaker) which removes most of the coffee oils, brewing coffee with a taste that is different than coffee brewed in other coffee-making systems- it really gives you a super clean cup of coffee. Ready to maximize the yum? Here is what you will need: A Chemex, of course!The iconic thick walled Chemex filterSwan neck kettle filled...

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Hario V60 Brew Guide

The Hario V60 was designed in 2005 in Japan.  It has a funky swirl interior which allows air to escape and that helps maximize the bloom and expansion of the coffee grounds. This brew method is used as a default brew in our coffee bars because it allows for a lot of versatility in customizing and manipulating the flavor notes in the cup!  Plus, let's face it, it makes a kick ass cup of coffee! Ready to maximize the yum?  Here is what you will need: Hario V60 (We use the 02 model)The correct size V60 filter to match your brewer (01, or 02)Swan neck kettle filled with filtered waterGrinder (burr-style)Freshly roasted coffee from your good friends at Flight Coffee...

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