From our beginning more than a decade ago, one of Flight Coffee Company's core principles has been that every company owes a duty to give back to the community that supports it.

Over the intervening years, our customers have enthusiastically supported us and we have tried to do the same.  In order to do the greatest amount of good with our limited resources, we evaluate each request using the following two guidelines:

First, we want to give the most back to the people who support us daily, so  we prioritize those organizations in our home town of Bedford, NH as well as the surrounding cities and towns including Manchester, Amherst, Merrimack, Goffstown, and Londonderry.  From time to time we have also supported  organizations beyond our immediate neighborhoods so if you have a need and think that we can help, please reach out to us.

Secondly, given our finite resources, we prioritize those organizations for whom we can make the greatest impact. These include groups that have limited other means of support and those that support disadvantaged or marginalized communities.  While we generally favor those organizations that serve the public in some capacity (schools, charities, civic organizations), we do periodically work with private companies provided that their event is for the benefit of a charitable organization.  We do not provide donations to private companies for their own internal use.

While we prefer to work with organizations that have tax exempt status with the IRS, we do consider requests from organizations without these qualifications.

If you wish to request a donation or other charitable gift from Flight Coffee Company, please download and fill out the form below.  Having standardized documentation helps us to fairly evaluate requests and enables us to fulfill our tax reporting obligations. If you have additional documentation (flyers, information, etc.), please attach it.  Completed forms should be dropped off at the Bedford cafe during normal business hours.  We apologize, but we cannot accept donation/contribution requests sent using any other means (postal mail, email, text, Facebook message, etc.) 

Donation Request Form