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Flight Coffee Co. Becomes an Organic Certified Producer

As of this week, Flight Coffee Co, is now certified to sell coffee labeled as 100% organic (provided of course that it was grown organically). Organic coffee is a bit different from the organic fruit you find in your grocery store.  Both coffee and fruit start out the same way  - they are grown in a field that has been certified to be free of non-organic pesticides and fertilizers and during the growth can only be treated with organically approved products.  All harvesting must take place using equipment that either has not touched conventionally grown products or else has been sanitized to remove all traces of conventional treatments.  The organic products are then sealed and sent to market. To retain...

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Composting Coffee Bags

60% Compostable?  What Does That Mean? If you've ever contemplated a Flight Coffee bag while enjoying a cup of your morning brew, you may have read our sustainability statement and wondered what 60% compostable means.  You have probably thought that the the tin tie and valve clearly are not compostable, but they don't make up 40% of the bag, so what's going on? Actually, I wondered this one myself when we first ordered these bags.    Fortunately, at this year's SCA Coffee Expo in Boston, I had the chance to speak with one of the VPs at the company that makes our bags and he explained the whole thing to me. Like many more things than you may realize, the...

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Cascara- A Fruit Tisane- Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara emerges somewhere at the intersection of coffee and tea- sort of anyway. Although it comes from the coffee plant, (it is the dried husk of the coffee cherry) the drink doesn’t taste anything like coffee. Our Organic cascara from Bolivia  (Caranvi Region) is described as having a sweet, fruity taste with notes of raspberry and red current  So it is a tea? Or is a coffee?  What the heck is going on?  While cascara isn’t exactly coffee, it technically isn’t tea either. Because cascara comes from the genus coffea instead of the Camellia sinensis (tea) plant, it doesn’t make the classification as a true tea. Ok- so it is an heabral tea? Nope. It not quite herbal either as...

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