Help the Environment, Get Free Coffee!

So, you have some old Flight Coffee bags lying around.  What to do with them?

Well, we have an idea - Upcycle!  One Flight's founding principles is to try and be good stewards of our planet, so finding ways to reduce packaging waste is always a priority.  That, by the way is one reason you will never see Flight emulating some of the crazy packaging trends popular in the industry.  Sure, your box of coffee looks cool, but what, you need to have a bag inside the box to keep it fresh?  Oh, yes of course, your box is recyclable, but you know what's better than a recyclable box?  How about no box.  But, I digress...

We've played with various packaging options over the years and even tried the compostable Biotre bags.  The problem is, those bags don't compost.  Not really, not properly, and certainly not in anything other than a municipal composting facility of which there are precious few in Northern New England.

So, what to do?  what to do?  Well, fortunately, the vendor for our new bags has partnered with ByFusion in California to upcycle these used bags and turn them into their ByBlock product.

What's the catch?  Well, only certain types of bags qualify for this program, which for now means our new 12 ounce bags with the Recycling QR code on the side.

Here is the deal - you bring us (or mail us) ten of these and we'll trade you for a 12 ounce bag filled with your choice of one of our current coffees (up to a $22 value).  No need to remove the label any longer - our new recycling partner can handle the bags with labels!

Just include a little note in your package telling us which coffee you want and where to ship it.  We'll even pick up the shipping cost of the coffee, so it really is free!

Please note that if you choose to bring the bags to us, we only accept them at the Bedford, NH Flagship Cafe.  The Dover cafe is a licensee and is not part of Flight Coffee Company, Inc.  We ask that Dover customers follow the mail-in procedure below to receive their free bag.

Drink Flight, Save Bags, Get Free Coffee and feel good about your part in reducing waste.

You can send the bags to:

Bag Recycling
Flight Coffee Company
209 NH 101
Bedford, NH 03110


Free Coffee selection limited to one 12 ounce bag of coffee with a value not to exceed $22 per 10 eligible returned bags

Eligible bags are limited to  Flight's new 12-ounce black bags with the Recycling QR code on the side.  Older bag designs including the purple bags, black blend bags, or the current and former 2 and 5 lb bags are not eligible.

Flight is not responsible for empty bags lost in transit.  Shipments that contain fewer than ten eligible bags OR have that contain bags with labels will be discarded without credit unless customer chooses to pay to have them shipped back.