Moonshot Espresso

Moonshot Espresso

Moonshot Espresso



Tasting Notes: Chocolate/ Nougat / Caramel

Roast info:

Our roast on this coffee brings out a perfect caramelization of the sugars during the roast process. When it comes to espresso a lot of roasters reach a bit too far into the roast for a typical bitterness and acidity. Our medium roast holds onto the sweetness and the aroma making the classic bitter bite of the espresso sweet and pleasing. It is a total sweet chocolate bomb with after thoughts of dusted almonds and powdered sugar strawberies too.

Suggested extraction instructions:

    Group head temperature: 197 F (91.7 C)
    Espresso: 18 grams in a double basket
    Pulling time: 25-29 seconds
    Finished espresso: 28 liquid grams

      16 ounces

      We know you need to dial in to get perfection so our espressos come in at least a one pound bag!

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