a brilliant or imaginative exercise or display;

a journey made through air or space;

a selection of coffees, usually presented for sampling and comparison;

a passionate coffee company located in Bedford, NH


Our Third Wave Approach

From nuance arises beauty. Sure, we roasters like to fancy ourselves alchemical wizards – keepers of Hermeticism and all that – but coffee roasting is a skill akin to calligraphy: the more you practice the more beautiful the form.

A third wave coffee company, we seek to capture the character of our green coffee. Like a great symphony, every moment in roasting is contingent upon the prior and, in the end, each combines to give a roast its form. Our goal: transparency, such that all unique to a coffee is revealed in the cup. Thus, we concentrate on the following:

We believe in supporting our farmers and producers.

Working hard to develop relationships in sourcing, we offer absolute transparency for all storied coffees.

We obsess in creating the perfect roast profile.

A holistic approach to roasting, we concentrate on sight, smell, sound, and data such that our coffees sing with terroir, or “taste of place.”

We remain vigilant in the art and science of cupping and brewing.

It is of utmost importance we are able to evaluate and share the coffees we roast consistently and accurately.

We're dedicated to freshness.

Paramount to our prime directive is that all coffee be roasted and shipped within 48 hours of order.

We believe in making specialty coffee accessible.

Through educational programs, free events, and more, we strive to make specialty coffee for all.


Our Storied Coffees

Every cup tells a story, one often forgotten. The journey between farm to cup is complex and vulnerable; we call it “the great coffee chain of custody.” Every step is important. Picking, processing, shipping, roasting, brewing – we seek fair and transparent relationships with farmers such that we may tell the whole story. This way, each cup is crafted with excellence at all stages. We’re honored to have you take part.