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Roasting Lab & Community Coffee House (Bedford, NH)

We have been roasting coffee in Bedford, NH since 2012.  As we enter our ninth year, we have moved all of our operations from the little industrial park space to  a new location in downtown Bedford.
 Award winning coffees, espresso bar, specialty teas and a full line of pastries can be enjoyed with friends right here in Bedford, NH. Bags of freshly roasted coffees and specialty teas are available for purchase.

The kaleidoscopic array of flavors you find in your coffee from cup to cup is a result of both the natural chemical makeup of the green coffee and the trick we roasters have learned to unlock its potential—we roast it to secret profiles. Coffee, when done well, varies in flavor, depth and complexity. Thousands of customer across New England stop in regularly to purchase a bag of our freshly roasted coffee. Watch our fresh coffee bloom in your cup!

209 NH-101 Bedford, NH 03110



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