Our Company

Flight Coffee Co is a coffee loving, quality focused specialty coffee roaster and cafe located in Bedford, NH.   We concentrate our efforts on a few matters of consequence and craft:


WE BELIEVE IN OUR DEDICATED FARMERS AND PRODUCERS: We work hard developing relationships in the sourcing process and we offer absolute transparency on each of our storied coffees. We love the principle the folks over at Coffee Shrub use for their direct trade coffees. “Farm Gate Coffee is the name given to our direct trade coffee buying program. Farm Gate pricing means that we have negotiated a price directly with the farmer “at the farm gate,” that is, without any of the confusing export and import fees. The prices we pay for our coffees are above Fair Trade minimums, and with our Farm Gate coffees we can easily verify that the good price we pay makes it to the people who do the work, and are responsible for the great cup quality of our coffee. Farm Gate is a simple principle that allows coffee producers to make premium prices in reward for coffee quality, and to reinvest to improve quality even more in the future.”

WE OBSESS ABOUT CREATING THE PERFECT ROAST PROFILE FOR EACH OF OUR STORIED COFFEES. We take a whole approach to roasting and concentrate on the sight, smells and sound of each batch so our roasted coffees sing and celebrate the “taste of place”/terroir of each unique growing region/processing method.


WE ARE DEDICATED TO FRESHNESS AND CONSIDER FRESHNESS PARAMOUNT TO OUR PRIME DIRECTIVE. We roast and ship within 48 hours of order. All orders are roasted to order. Period.



1.a brilliant, imaginative, or unrestrained exercise or display

2. an act of flying; a journey made through the air or in space.

3. a passing through the air or through space outside the earth's atmosphere.

4. (Tasting) flight is a term used by coffee tasters to describe a selection of coffees, usually presented for the purpose of sampling and comparison

5. An amazing, passionate coffee company located in Dover, NH (espresso bar, coffee house, coffee classes) and Bedford, NH (roasting lab and tasting room)

Our Roast


The beauty of our roasting is in the nuance of our coffees. Sure we roasters like to fancy ourselves as alchemical wizards- keepers of Hermeticism and all of that, but the reality is coffee roasting is a skill akin to calligraphy or any fine art. The more you practice the more beautiful the form.

As a roaster, I seek to highlight and capture the character of our carefully chosen green coffee. It is my job to lovingly create a consistent and gentle roast cycle, accentuating what makes a particular varietal or farm exciting. Every minute the coffee is roasting is contingent upon the minute before. It is like a great sonnet or symphony and as passionate as I am about the roasting cycle’s never-ending prequel, at the end of the day, I want the roast to become transparent. I have done my job correctly if after each sip of our coffee, all that is revealed is the coffee’s uniquely crafted celebrated cup profile.

Cheers and enjoy!

Claudia Barrett

Our Storied Coffees


A really amazing cup of coffee tells a story of connection. At Flight Coffee Co., we love a good back story. Sure brewed coffee is a sensual experience in and of itself but before it reaches the mug, that coffee traveled an intricate and exacting path. We like to call it the great coffee chain of custody. Every step is important, from the ripeness of coffee cherries when picked, to the way the beans are milled and dried, to the way it is shipped to our roasting plant, to the way we lovingly roast it and yes right down to the way it is brewed by you, our knowledgeable customers. Due to the delicate balance of specifics, we must be vigilant – we must seek out direct and transparent relationships with coffee growing professionals throughout the world. Instead of simply labeling our coffee as “sustainable,” we have chosen to tell the whole story. We love talking about the uniqueness of each coffee. This way, we promise that each bag of Flight Coffee purchased was hand crafted with excellence at all stages, from cherry to cup. Directness and transparency are important to us. From day one we have been committed to buying coffee that is as closely aligned with our values as possible. We are pretty excited to have you, our customer, be part of our storied, celebrated coffees. Cheers!