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Brazil Daterra Farms Peaberry


From Our Cupping Lab:

The Daterra Peaberry from Brazil is a chocolatey, and sweet coffee. With notes of peanut butter, caramel, and chocolate. This is a balanced and well rounded cup with a smooth mouthfeel. We've found that this coffee lends itself nicely to french press, drip, and makes a stellar espresso. The nutty, sweet cup tastes like a snickers bar and it certainly a favorite among our Roasting Team.
Peaberry coffee is the product of a natural mutation. Normally, two seeds ("beans") develop within the coffee fruit, pushing up against one another to form the characteristic flat sides of coffee beans. Peaberries occur when only one of the two seeds is fertilized, leaving it with nothing to press against. As a result, it takes on a round, pea-like shape.
Daterra is a very interesting farm in Brazil, very high tech. They take a blending approach similar to scotch producers. Their aim is to have consistency based on changing the blend components. The sorting process shows how technology can be implemented into coffee. Not many, if any, other farms have this level of commitment.
Daterra's plantations are located at an average altitude of 3,800 ft (1,150 m) under a stable temperature of around 70ºF (25ºC), which constitutes the perfect environment for Arabica Coffee production. Furthermore, the dry season during the harvest makes this region unique for the best Arabica coffees.

The plantations, settled in different areas, are divided into 215 mini- farms and further subdivided into 2.816 blocks called "quadras", each of which is planted with a specific coffee variety.
This plantation system ensures accurate monitoring and constant traceability of each quadra's historic track of rainfall, cultivation procedures and productivity.
The estate has an impressive list of certifications — Utz, Rainforest Alliance, and IQNet. Over a third of the estate's 17,000 acres has been transformed into a dedicated wildlife preserve, reclaiming savannah, waterfalls, lakes, and streams.

Flavor Notes:

snickers bar, peanut butter, caramel, chocolate

Altitude: 3000 - 4000m

Varietal: Bourbon Peaberry

Region: Cerrado

Process: Pulped Natural

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